Blair County Sports Hall of Fame
Board of Directors

Blair County Sports Hall of Fame board members pose with guest speaker Doug Flutie (front, center) include, first row, from left: Lisa Georgiana, Pat Dandrea, Kathy Millward and Neil Rudel. Back row: Chris Michelone, David DeGol, Lee Hite, Brian Irwin, Sue Fries.
Others on the Hall board include Steve Sheetz, Dave Andrews, Bob Pennington, Kellie Goodman Shaffer, Adam Sheetz, Janet Helsel, Andrae Holsey, Jim Gregory and Mike Hofer.

Executive Committee

Neil Rudel (President)
Brian Irwin
Lisa Georgianna
Chris Michelone (Treasurer)

Board Members

*Steve Sheetz (1987-1994)
*Dave Andrews (1995-2013)

Pat Dandrea
Dave DeGol Jr.
Susan Fries
Kellie Goodman Shaffer
Jim Gregory
Janet Helsel
Lee Hite
Michael Hofer
Andrae Holsey
Chris Michelone
Kathy Millward
Bob Pennington
Adam Sheetz

*past Presidents

Selection Committee

Deanie Cafferty
Wendell Davis
Jill Helsel
Tom Koehle
Jim Lane
Terry Lingenfelter
Larry McAleer
Randy Tarpey
Richard Tate
Jennyfer Wilson

(Note: Members of the Executive Committee and past presidents are eligible to participate on the Selection Committee.)

Scholarship Committee

Susan Fries
Brian Irwin
Jim Lane
Terry Lingenfelter
Cory Tubo