2004 team inductee

The Cobras  

Members of the Cobras’ national championship softball team present for their induction at the 2004 Blair County Sports Hall of Fame included, from left, front row: Reggie Nevins, Vernon Neil, Donnie Stern, Kenneth Stern, Scott Weyant, Roger Bridenbaugh. Back row: Steve Shover, Brad Weyant, Jerry Stern, Conrad Byler, Rodney Weyant, Al Raymond, Wade Anderson, Bill McNelis and Sam Ebersole.

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Hall of Fame profile of:

Year inducted: 2004
Sport: Softball
Hall of Fame achievement:
The Cove-based team, comprised mainly of former Central High School baseball players and athletes, won three United States Softball Association national championships (1982, ’83 and ’88), including the USSA’s Eastern world championship in ’82. Over a 15-year period, the Cobras amassed a record of 1333-212 and were the first team inducted into the Blair County Sports Hall of Fame.